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Things to do nearby: Corcovado National Park

September 29, 2017 1

The Corcovado National Park tour is an epic experience on land and sea. Corcovado is ranked as the third best national park by National Geographic – and it lives up to the title.

You’ll meet in the small town of Sierpe, about 45 minutes from the hotel by car. Generally you’ll depart at 8 am, but check with the hotel for the schedule on the day you’d like to go.

In Sierpe, you’ll board a small, covered boat and begin your journey toward the Pacific on the Rio Sierpe (Sierpe River). After about 45 minutes through the mangroves and family calm river, you’ll be in the open ocean on the Pacific where you’ll enjoy another 45 minute journey to the entrance to the park.

During the ocean portion of your trip, you’ll pass sights like Caño Island (a scuba and snorkeling paradise), Drake Bay (an eco destination that is truly in the middle of the jungle), and miles of breathtaking, unspoiled coastline. It’s no wonder much of Jurassic Park was filmed in Costa Rica – it’s incredible.

Also, if you’re here between July and December and again for a bit in March and April, you might get treated to a bonus – whale sightings! If your guides see whales, they’ll stop and let you admire them and take pictures. It’s a thrilling experience.

Once you arrive, the boat will back up to the beach and you’ll get out – barefoot – and walk just a few feet in shallow water to the shore. Don’t put your shoes on just yet – because you’ll cross another small river (up to your knees or so) as you enter the primary and secondary forest.

Your hike begins on the other side of the small river and meanders through a gently worn trail with incredibly tall trees and lush, tropical foliage everywhere you look.

Your guides have an uncanny ability to spot wildlife – where most mere mortals would only see leaves on a tree. All of a sudden, you’re looking at one of three different kinds of monkeys, or
two-toe or three-toe sloths. Or anteaters. Or toucans. Or a tapir. Or White Falcons. Or Black Falcons. Or Scarlett Macaws. You get the idea. It’s an animal and nature lovers’ dream day.

You’ll also spend time on the lava-created beach which is rather hard to describe in words. It’s a unique opportunity to see a beach that is completely unspoiled by technology, development, or anything else that wasn’t put there by nature.

After about one and a half to two hours, you’ll be back at the Ranger Station for a nice lunch of fruit, juice and water, make them yourself sandwiches, vegetables, and rice. Note that vegetarians and vegans can do quite well here and just avoid the cheese and meat.

Generally, you’ll then have a choice between swimming at a nearby waterfall or doing another hike and seeking more animals to spot. Both are good options and we encourage you to make a game-time decision… you’ll know when you’re there.

There are hammocks to relax in, tables to eat at, showers to refresh you, and restrooms.

Sometimes you need a little rest after all this excitement!

And you don’t have to set an alarm – if you fall asleep (as some people do!) the guides won’t leave without you!


You’ll also get a bit of time to enjoy on your own at the beach before your departure and return back to Sierpe.


  • Wear shoes that are good walking / hiking shoes – no open toes. And be prepared to take them off a few times to get on and off the boat and to access the forest through the river
  • Bring sunscreen and insect repellant – and a hat is a great idea
  • Especially if it’s the green season, bring something to put your gear in. A trash bag works well (it rains in the afternoon many days during the green season of June-November). Ask us – we’ll be happy to give you a trash bag for protection from the rain.
  • Bring a great camera – but bring protection from water and rain. Bring just enough gear, it’s a full day of excitement and quite a bit of walking.
  • If you don’t have a great camera – the guides will help you capture amazing images with your phone and their exceptional high-quality scopes.
  • Generally the tour begins at 8 and you’re back in Sierpe by 4 or 5. Can vary by season, the excitement of the day, and weather.
  • Sierpe is about 45 minutes by car from the hotel

If you have questions – please ask us!

Pura Vida!


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  • Terry king

    September 29, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    It was an experience of a life time. In the forest we say Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, Black Hawks and many I cannot name along with animals I cannot name. Our guide did tell us the names of all!!
    In the ocean we did see whales and dolphin..
    I will go back!!

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