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Scrumptious Breakfast – Full Taste – Zero Cholesterol!

December 9, 2017

At Hotel el Mono Feliz, we’re proud and excited to serve breakfasts that our guests tell us they simply love. We have been changing things up and keeping things exciting… and with good reason.

When you’re on vacation – even on an adventure vacation – you should be pampered! You should be taken care of! We do our very best to do just that.

And – whether you’re on vacation or not – there’s no reason you can’t eat wonderful, tasty food … that’s also good for you!

That’s why we choose to serve a selection of whole-food, plant-based options for our guests. Great tasting and nutritious, better for your body, & better for the planet!

We start each meal with a large serving of various locally produced tropical fruit. We try to make it beautiful – while being healthy and an excellent way to start your day.

And – every day, guests have the option of a local favorite –  Gallo Pinto, a traditional rice and black  beans breakfast, served with tortillas & fried plantains!

We rotate other options, too. One day might be scrumptious banana pancakes (they’re amazing – our guests told us so!)… or French Toast… or a big yummy tropical fruit muffin with nuts – just sweet enough to be wonderful.

Some of our guests want to go a little light on breakfast, and that’s okay, too. We always have a special locally made brown bread that we serve with dairy-free butter, jam, and peanut butter on request.

And of course, we always provide wonderful Costa-Rican coffee… grown and roasted up in the mountains nearby. And, we have tea and orange juice available every day.

All of our breakfast options are now included in our rates and are generally served from 7-9 each day. If you’re leaving super early for a tour – we can make sure you have a muffin and some fruit to eat on the way. We want to make sure you’re taken care of!

Don’t worry… there are plenty of options in our little area – the foodie capital of Costa Rica! From vegan and vegetarian to steak and seafood… and everything in between. It’s all here and it’s about the best there is in Costa Rica.

As always – let us know how we can help!